The Mornington Peninsular

A place for relaxing leisure persuits, adventure junkies, food discovery and art appreciation.

It’s not just the all-year-round sun, it’s not just the aquamarine of the sea, and it’s not just the sand on the beach. This place has so much to offer it’s surprising it’s not plastered across every tour and holiday brochure in every holiday agents shop on the high street, in Australia, Europe and the UK.

The Shire is a local government area in Victoria, Australia. It is located to the south of the city of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. It has an area of 723 square kilometres.

If sand, sea and sun are your idea of a perfect holiday, a long weekend, a one day stop over or a drive through, then Mornington Peninsular has everything you need.


For The Graze And Laze

Relax in a beach hut, stroll through the vineyards or take an evening hot bath after golfing, it’s all there for your enjoyment, graze or laze.


Cafes and restaurants are to be found around every corner in the villages and towns throughout the peninsular. There are so many places to eat it’s impossible to list them all here. The best thing to look for is the local produce cooked and served close by.


And if a day messing around on a river or lake appeals to you, take a boat out and row yourself to bliss. Sun cream should always be considered of course, you don’t want to come back looking like a yabby or kōura, (that’s fresh water lobster to you and me). The Devilbend Natural Features Reserve is a special place to visit with excellent freshwater fishing for Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Estuary Perch, and if you get in touch they will tell you when and where you can catch along with licensing requirements. You have the added advantage of nature trails and wild life at your disposal.

Action packed adventure

Mornington Peninsular doesn’t leave out action junkies, whether you are a novice or expert in your chosen activity.


There are plenty of activities for water fanatics, try this list for size: sailing, surfing, boating, snorkelling, swimming with the dolphins, deep sea diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing and last but not least, skinny dipping where appropriate. Check out the local riverside and beach notices on clothing before you do though.


There are walks for every level, from 1 to 4 hours (and they are easy to find here, Coastal, rough terrain tracks, rugged landscape trails and woodland meanders are some of the walks you can experience…what more could you want.

Find a tea house or cafe on an afternoon stroll or take a back pack and go out for the day. Don’t forget to pack your walking boots and blister plasters – you are likely to need them.


Fancying the wheel instead of your feet, 30 bike trails are just the thing. Take to the hills with your mountain bike, or alternatively take the easy terrain tracks on more ordinary bikes. Smooth coastal sealed cycle paths are great for the novice. Overall there are at least 30 rides to choose from. You will find yourself sharing them with walkers and horses and want to stop at the captivating villages along the way.

Grab your bike, your back pack and don’t forget the biker’s first aid kit, sore thighs and blistered hands can hold you back on your second day or third day so don’t be caught out.

Art And Artifacts


Contemporary landscape artist Miodrag Jankovic creates spectacularly striking scenes, inspired by the powerful scenery of the Mornington Peninsula. Jankovic moved to Australia from Serbia with his family during his teenage years. Now, Jankovic is situated in a perfect location for creating magnificent works of art, having chosen this area of Australia to settle with his own family. View more works by Miodrag Jankovic –

Another artist, living and working on the Mornington Peninsula is glass blower Eileen Gordon.

“My passion for colour and form as a fused glass artist is greatly inspired by the environment of the Mornington Peninsula – the surrounding ocean, its sunrises and fabulous sunsets.”

Eileen Gordon established the Gordon Studio with her partner Grant Donaldson in 1990 and has gone on to become one of Australia’s foremost glass blowers. To see Gordon’s work for yourself, you can visit the studio, located in Red Hill.


And if you aren’t completely exhausted yourself after all of that, there are plenty of Theatres, Festivals, Heritage sites and Museums waiting for you to visit. Festivals celebrate the sea, the summer, wine in winter and jazz in the spring. You can catch comedy, concerts and other performing arts at Theatre spaces and Arts Centres. On the waterfront in Frankston 3,500 tonnes of sand get converted into giant sculptures: watch artists at work and view their displays when they have finished. The final flourish may surprise you…it’s horse racing.


One of the greatest horse races takes place every year in Melbourne, it’s the Melbourne Cup. In 2015 a lady jockey rode the winner, her name is Michelle Payne. Eat your heart out Frankie D!

Jemima J. Jones.
November 2016

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